CHENNAI – 600 018


Instructions to the students for ONLINE Examinations

1.  The Examinations will be conducted ONLINE only for the final semester of UG/PG degree students of 2019-2020 batch and course completed students having arrears in final semester.


2.  The timetable is posted in the College Website.


3.  Practical examination marks will be calculated on the basis of internals and record books.


4.  Examinations will be conducted using the Google platform.


5.  The time duration of examinations will be for 90 minutes.  Question paper pattern will be similar to the previous semesters.  More choice is given in each section to the students to complete the examination within 90 minutes.


6.  The url link of the End Semester Examination will be sent to the students through SMS/ WHATSAPP and will also be available in the College website.


7.  Students will receive the question papers via mail and must be present ten minutes before the commencement of the examination in the Google meet.


8.  Students are instructed to download the adobe scan app to send the answer scripts (A video will be sent by the Class Teacher).


9.  All students have to write their answers on A4 size paper using pen (Blue/ Black).


10. Every student is required to write her name, name of the Department, register

      number, title of the paper and subject code on the first page of the answer

      scripts.  The students must write the register number in every page.


11. The students must write the appropriate question number and also specify the

       page number legibly on every page.


12. A mock test will be conducted for the students on 17th September 2020 at

3.00 p.m. by the Class Teacher.


13. Students will have to keep all materials required for use during the mock test

   and subsequent examinations (A4 size paper, graph paper, pens, pencils,

   colour pencils, erasers, calculators, scale, etc.)


14. If the students are not able to download the Question paper or upload the

  answer scripts, those students should inform the teacher incharge and send it

  by WhatsApp.


15. All students will have to keep their cameras on and have their audio unmuted.


16. Students will be permitted to use desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

17. The students should be seated with the background of a wall/ curtain.


18. Students will have to be modestly dressed.


19. Students should not leave from their place during the examination session.


20. On completion of the day’s exam, the student is required to scan the pages

  organise them in sequential order in PDF format.


21. The scanned pages will have to be sent to the mail of the Staff incharge

       immediately after completion of the exam.


22. Once the student uploads the answer scripts to the mail, it cannot be changed. 

  Hence, it is instructed to the students to check thoroughly before uploading the  

  answer scripts.


23. On completion of all the exams, the student has to send all the answer scripts

  through speed post.  The cover should have the following details:






No. 56, K.B. Dasan Road, Teynampet

CHENNAI – 600 018

Phone No.: 2436-4152 / 2436-4140


Name of the Student              :

Register Number                   :

Name of the Department        :

Session : F.N. / A.N.             :

Student Address &                :

Phone Number                      :




Subject Code

Title of the Paper


















24. The students must report to the staff incharge after posting the answer scripts.


25. The Valuation will be done on verification of the soft copy and the hard copy of

       the answer scripts.  The answer scripts will not be valued if student indulges

       in any kind of malpractice and if there is undue delay in uploading the answer